Zellige is a handcrafted glazed terracotta tile used in traditional Moroccan architecture. Its uniqueness comes from a centuries old production process developed in Morocco. Zellige tile is adored and has risen in popularity due its versatile style. It can be used in modern, rustic, traditional, and Mediterranean influenced homes, popular on the California coast. Zellige tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes and provides a sense of natural beauty.

What Is Zellige Tile?

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Zellige tile is made from a mixture of clay and water which is then shaped, sized, and left in the sun to dry. Once dried, it is put in an olive pit kiln, also used to decompose olive pits. After being fired, the tile is glazed individually by hand, creating its beloved uniqueness and rich color palette. Finally, the tile is polished to produce beautiful zellige sleekness and shine. 

How is Zellige Made? 

Recommended Applications 

Zellige tile is a stunning addition to any wall or backsplash inside or outside the home. While there is media displaying zellige for floor use, this is not recommended due to the thickness and softness of the clay tile. 

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