Terracotta tiles are not all the same size, color or texture. They can have lime pops, cracks, chips and are porous. They are distinct and beautiful. 

Terracotta tile is a classic natural material that can be used best on floors and outdoor spaces. It is a material that has been used for centuries across the world but especially popular in Mediterranean areas or areas influenced strongly by Mediterranean culture. Often customers love the way they look but should know about their distinctive properties, proper care and maintenance. 

What Is Terracotta?

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Saltillo - Made in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Similar to Lincoln Tecate, Saltillo also originates in Mexico and is a handmade terracotta tile. The color of Saltillo comes from the regions’ clay and varies between yellows, pinks and light terracotta shades. It can be pressed into many different shapes and sizes and hand packed into wooden molds and left in the sun to dry. Once dry, they are stacked in wood burning kilns and fired for 24hrs. If you’re lucky you might receive one with an animal print cast into the surface! 

Lincoln Tecate - made in Mexico

Lincoln Tecate tile is made and produced in Mexico and is known for its rustic orange-brown hue. Tecate comes in all shapes and sizes including rectangular, octagon and dot, picket, San Felipe, Arabesque, and many more . It is completely handmade from natural clays in the area and is hand pressed and fired. Tecate tends to have slight color variation due to its natural clay base which gives it its organic and rustic look. For this reason, it is preferred to order in one shipment, as these tiles will more likely be made from the same batch of clay. When installing Tecate, it's best for it to be sealed to maintain longevity to its full beautiful potential. There are many different types of sealers and methods of staining and sealing that go back hundreds of years to current day products. Tecate is expected to patina over time and can also chip and stain however, its beauty is hard to be replicated. Paragraph

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